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Universities and research facilities in the Metropolitan Region

The university landscape in the metropolitan region is equally diverse: Along with the Universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Bamberg, the Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences is also a major educational agent with its 11,000 students. The region is also home to additional technical colleges and universities of applied sciences as well as two musical academies and an art academy. More than 90,000 students currently attend the metropolitan region’s 20 universities and colleges.

The science of success


Our universities maintain hundreds of partnerships with foreign universities.

High regional development potential due to excellent education of the next generation of scientists

Around 9,000 university graduates and 1,500 doctoral candidates complete their university studies every year. The region boasts Germany’s greatest number of engineers and a high patent rate.


Since 2007, hundreds of key figures from science, business, politics and education gather annually for the Wissenschaftstag (science day). As a scientific showcase for Northern Bavaria, it visits each of the Metropolitan Region’s university locations in turn. As Germany’s biggest popular science event, Die Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (long night of the sciences) in Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen awakens the interest in science and research amongst thousands of visitors from the Metropolitan Region on a biennial basis.

The metropolitan region is more than Nuremberg

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