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Different dialects – one goal

Since 2005, 23 administrative districts and eleven self-administering towns have partnered to work on the very dynamic "Metropolitan Region" project. Together we confront the challenges posed by a growing Europe. The number of member communities is large, but for that very reason we work with an organised and structured approach – for the good of the inhabitants and the entire region.

Community as guiding principle

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is a voluntary association of regional actors operating across administrative boundaries. This alliance opens new doors. A unified presence as a European metropolitan region increases our worldwide visibility and serves as our response to globalisation.

Our organisational structure can be thought of as a sailboat.

  • the first sail is the Metropolitan Region's council, in which 55 mayors and district administrators are represented
  • the second sail is the "Förderverein Wirtschaft für die Europäische Metropolregion Nürnberg e.V." support association, in which over 170 companies participate in supporting the region. The association helps industry participate more effectively and enhances the alliance's financial strength
  • the steering committee is the boat's mast and has important guidance functions. Its managing board is comprised of three members each from the council and the support association
  • eight expert forums, in which around 400 experts from the entire Metropolitan Region cooperate, form the boat's hull. They are concerned with industry and infrastructure, science, transport and planning, culture, sport, tourism, marketing and climate protection

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