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The world's greatest concentration of breweries

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region boasts well over 200 breweries. Nowhere else in the world will you find this many breweries in an area this size – and if you appreciate a good beer, you will be bowled over by the different magic potions we make with just three simple ingredients: water, hops and malt. An excursion to the breweries is always worthwhile. Many of them have their own rustic restaurant with a cosy beer garden where they serve generous portions of regional specialities – from Schäufele to Kirschenmännle.

Biererlebnis-Portal Bayern
Brauereien und Biergärten in der Bierregion Oberfranken

Taste the variety!

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region's chefs roll sophisticated sushi, season pasta the way they do it in Naples or warm you up with a hearty goulash. The longer you live here, the more extensive your culinary geographical knowledge will become.

Original Regional Database - The enjoyment of regional shopping

Searching for products from our region? We have compiled many suppliers of "original regional" food specialties, produtcs and services in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Have a look at the Original Reginal Database.

Our Database comprises 666 suppliers at the moment. All partner initiatives ensure compliance with the guidelines of Original Regional:

  • The production of foodstuffs and products takes place in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region for the most par.
  • Transparency on the origin of the raw materials: 80% of the products' basic and raw materials should come from the region if available.
  • Principle of short distances
  • Non-use of genetic engineering
  • Quality standards have to be met (ensured by the partner initiatives)
  • No dumping prices

The metropolitan region is more than Nuremberg

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