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Build on the strengths of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region

The Metropolitan Region is a busy hive of entrepreneurial activity. Many of the world's market leaders are at home here. They employ around 1.8 million people – and are looking for new ideas and creative minds from all over the world.

Most patents are registered in Bavaria. But of those, twice as many originate in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Reigon as would be expected from the number of inhabitants and companies!

Come to the region - come to work!

Finding a job in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is easy for creative people and qualified specialists. Several companies belong to the top of the world - big global players as well as smaller and medium-sized companies and our hidden champions!

We recommend the following job portals:

  • Federal Employment Agency’s JOBBÖRSE – Germany’s largest online job portal
    IHK Lehrstellenbörse – Find your trainee position in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region per circum search for a zip code. A training contract in your pocket enables a vocational training in the dual system, meaning a combination of theoretical instruction in technical schools and practical work experiance or a higher education in the tertiary education sector. Click here.
  • Apprenticeships in craft trades – On the pages of the Chamber of Trades you'll get information about open apprenticeship positions and all around the trade's topics in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.
  • Hochschuljobbörse– Platform for job advertisments, at which 14 universities of applied sciences take part

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region’s expertise initiatives offers sector-specific postings and the channels to relevant companies respectively.

  • Transportation and logistics
  • Automotive
  • Information and communication
  • Medicine and health
  • Energy and the environment
  • New materials
  • Automation and production technology

Dual Career - A special offer for the partners of scientists

You have found work in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region – and your partner is going to accompany you. The Dual Career Network of Northern Bavaria improves access to the science-related employment market by publishing your professional profile in good time and serves as a platform for getting in touch with companies based in the region.

Metropolitan Region Nuremberg - One out of Eleven

Concentrated performance in the heart of Europe

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