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  Visas 81%
  ... a German consulate or embassy in their home country as soon as they have signed a contract of employment with a company in Germany, provided the annual salary in their new job exceeds 44,000 euros. ... people with professional qualifications. Go here for information. If you are unable to find employment in our region from a distance, you have six months after your arrival here to look for a job ...

  Live & Work 80%
  ... an economic region of international importance, we are proud of the fact that we already offer people hailing from over 150 different countries employment and a place they and their families can call home. Through the nationally renowned network „Allianz pro Fachkräfte" we are pursuing the goal of ...

  WaBe Model 80%
  ... Nürnberg, Region. Nürnberg e.V., Regio-Press, Original Regional, ICOM-Net, Nachrichten, News, Meldungen, Informationen Model for growth and employment 7 skills as lasting strengths Starting from the current situation, the WaBe model defines the strengths of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region in ... to bring existing potential into a tighter network, the region’s chambers of commerce and industry worked together on the model for growth and

  An alliance in support of qualified professionals 79%
  ... between the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IHK) for Middle Franconia and the Bavarian regional administration of the Federal Employment Agency. Since its foundation, eighteen additional cooperation partners on the federal and state level and from the Nuremberg Metropolitan ... a growing pool of qualified professionals, takes advantage of the existing potential of qualified professionals, and communicates the positive

  Careers Portal 77%
  ... - big global players as well as smaller and medium-sized companies and our hidden champions! We recommend the following job portals: Federal Employment Agency’s JOBBÖRSE – Germany’s largest online job portal IHK Lehrstellenbörse – Find your trainee position in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region ... Region – and your partner is going to accompany you. The Dual Career Network of Northern Bavaria improves access to the science-related

  Model and vision 77%
  ... people from all over the world. To that end, in our projects and networking we pursue five strategic objectives. The model for growth and employment (WaBe) serves as a sort of economic compass. Based on existing conditions, the model defines the strengths of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region ...

  Insurance 76%
  ... insurance fees are split between you and your employer. Your employer will also deduct part of your salary to pay your long-term care and unemployment insurance and your contributions to the statutory state pension scheme. Then you are always on the safe side in every situation in life.

  Facts and Figures 72%
  ... 3.5 mio. Population development: -1,6 % Population density: 160 inh./km² Accessibility (radius 200 km): 27 mio. people Commerce and employment The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region enjoys a broad spectrum of skills in industry and services. Medium-sized companies predominate and there are ... market prices: 134 bn. € Economic development: +12.7 % Export rate: 49 % Employed persons liable to national insurance payments at the place of

  Steering Committee: Climate Protection and Sustain... 72%
  ... administrators, pursues activities that contribute to the implementation of the metropolitan region’s ”model for sustainable growth and employment 2010 (WaBe)”. Under this model, one of the overriding objectives of the EUROPEAN METROPOLITAN REGION NUREMBERG is to ”preserve the basis of ...

  Qualifications 68%
  ... Education ministry's Internet portal about the recognition of foreign degrees in Germany The Federal Employment Agency's information portal on all officially recognised professional qualifications in Germany Recognition of ...