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Experience history where it's made

What do you want to do today? Maybe a trip back to Roman times in the Limeseum – or through 700 years of daily life in Franconia at the open-air museum in Bad Windsheim? Here every walk is a living history lesson: medieval castles, magnificent Art Nouveau houses and obvious traces of World War II are cause for both amazement and reflection.

A region of beautiful traditions

Around Shrovetide, loud stamping announces the end of the cold season as the "Perchten" (people wearing masks depicting fantasy creatures) tramp through the Metropolitan Region's villages to drive off a shaggy beast called winter. Although it usually still takes a while for the warmer weather to arrive, the spectacle is definitely worth it. Soon afterwards, the village fountains turn very colourful as the villagers decorate them with lovingly painted Easter eggs.

Spirital treasures

A special facet of the quality of life in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region are the monasteries with their open spiritual offers. They are oases of rest and contemplation. Besides, they are astonishingly varied: In Dietfurt, for example, the Franciscans offer Zen courses, Qi Gong or Tai Chi.

The metropolitan region is more than Nuremberg

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