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Language courses

If you and your family learn German, you will enjoy life in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region much more from the outset since there is so much to discover here. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, just go ahead and talk. We don't all speak "standard" German, but we understand it.

The so-called integration courses are specifically aimed at people who have moved here from another country. Since they are intensive courses, they give you and your family the chance to gain a good grasp of the language fast. The integration courses also cover other general information and useful details about everyday life in Germany, as well as German culture, history and politics. The courses usually consist of six hundred hours spent learning the language and a sixty-hour orientation course. Both finish with a free exam. After passing these exams, EU Blue Card holders can then get a permanent residence permit after only twenty-two months.

The metropolitan region is more than Nuremberg

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