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Affordable rental and purchase prices in the Metropolitan Region

You can rent a well-appointed flat in the Metropolitan Region from around 300 euros a month. Rents are usually somewhat higher in the city centres. Particularly in the university towns such as Erlangen, Nuremberg, Bamberg or Bayreuth, small flats are hard to come by and therefore slightly more expensive. However, you should not have to look long for flats of two rooms or more; we have plenty of them. In the suburbs, you can even find a terraced house with garden at around 1,000 euros a month – or even less out in the country.

Investment and home: The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is also worth looking at if you are thinking about buying your own flat or house. Flats start at purchase prices of 40,000 euros, terraced and semi-detached houses at around 180,000 euros.

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